Thermostat lock box home depot

When we are sad or in difficulty we consistently go to the location where we find comfort and also safety — our house.

thermostat lock box home depot

It remains in our homes that we really feel comfortable, safe and also s…. Our wooden textured black Thermostat Cover is a must for the primitive decorator. With a working door to access the thermostat and 2 holes in the bottom of the cabinet for air flow. This wonderful piece is the perfect way to conceal a modern convenience.

Created from pine wood with a textured black painted finish.

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Two holes in the bottom provide ventilation. Made in USA. Measures Inches high x Inches wide x 4. After my next paycheck Thermostat cover! I'm going to get my brother to help me make something like this!!

Does your thermostat need some country style? Our Slant Front Thermostat Cover, with its aged appearance is ready for the makeover. It is finished with a mix of black paint and hand-rubbed wax, in a special process for the look of a much loved antique. There are pre-drilled holes in the bottom and open space between the door and box for air flow. What a clever way to disguise your modern thermostat!

A opening in the base allows for proper air circulation. Leather hinges. Mustard over Black. Handcrafted in New England. The Aged Wood Thermostat Cabinet is a great way to hide the thermostat.

To create the look of aged wood, a blend of paints is mixed with wax and rubbed into the wood in a painstaking process. Leather hinges open the door on the front of the cabinet to all.The good thing is the key is universal for every.

Of these covers sold by this manufacturer.

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I work in building automation and have a keyring loaded with thermostat guard keys for each manufacturer. You could probably pick one up at a hardware store or home depot. But, tbh, its a really crappy lock and if you take a small flathead terminal screwdriver, jam it in the lock and twist back and fourth it'll eventually open enough for you to take the cover off.

Best Thermostat Lock Box

And you could even put it back on and the lock will still function fine. I used to keep a paperclip that was bent in the perfect shape to do this with.

Cheap ass landlords If you are paying rent, they can't dictate the temp the heater can be kept at. Bust the lock, send them the bill. They can in the common areas, just not inside tenant space. OP is most likely in a shared hallway. Those locks are super easy to pick. Take a tiny flat head screwdriver and insert it into the bottom of the lock.

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While twisting the screwdriver clockwise, slide an unfolded paper clip in above it and push on the tumblers inside it.

There aren't very many in there. Just keep fiddling with it for a few minutes until it turns open. I was successful opening some locks like thes with some ratteling some paperclips back and forth even though I have no skill in lockpicking. These locks are super cheap afaik. Is there a way to level up?

thermostat lock box home depot

Because I just stole some fresh cookies that my wife made, and she had told me not to eat them yet. What is the Challenge Rating of your wife? Does she happen to be a polymorphed dragon or perhaps some sort of extra planar being?

I once picked one of these locks with tweezers and a paper clip. Just jammed it in and in under 10 seconds it opened before I could even start figuring out what I was doing. It's crazy how easy they are to open. It's worth noting that this method will likely result in flakes of metal from the lock coming off and will likely leave signs of tampering.

Wouldn't the altered settings also show that tampering had happened? The higher fuel bills? The warmer or cooler home? Just buy a key for yourself through ebay for a couple dollars. I'm pretty sure they are mostly universal. Your landlord may have forgotten to turn on the furnace.Homeowners face different decorating issues than apartment dwellers might. One example: living with grossly unattractive things like garage door opener boxes.

Want to see how this homeowner took an eyesore and made it into a focal point? In this home, the garage door opener is in a transitional area that already has several unattractive items around it. Using vintage picnic tin decor around our home. See how we used these in our decorating and learn where you can find them Great ways to organize the ugliest stuff. Cute way to cover thermostat. Does your thermostat need some country style? Our Slant Front Thermostat Cover, with its aged appearance is ready for the makeover.

It is finished with a mix of black paint and hand-rubbed wax, in a special process for the look of a much loved antique. There are pre-drilled holes in the bottom and open space between the door and box for air flow. Our wooden textured black Thermostat Cover is a must for the primitive decorator.

With a working door to access the thermostat and 2 holes in the bottom of the cabinet for air flow. This wonderful piece is the perfect way to conceal a modern convenience. Created from pine wood with a textured black painted finish. Two holes in the bottom provide ventilation.

Made in USA.

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Measures Inches high x Inches wide x 4. Looking for a stylish way to camouflage your wall thermostat? Our aged Thermostat Cabinet is the perfect solution! Painted brown and made to look distressed, Ithas an open back to hide your thermostat and features a small shelf to display small collectibles.This lock box is simple, standard for lock boxes, but the sturdy metal construction makes it reliable and recognizable.

This is the regular beige-enamel metal lock box that we have all seen at one point or another. All boxes from this model are keyed differently, which is another layer of safety.

If you want a lock box that will keep your thermostat out of sight and discourage unwanted tampering, this is the box for you. The Honeywell CGA Medium Thermostat Guard works well to prevent your thermostat from being tampered with unless your guests are persistent. The cover is large enough to be universal though it will not fit all thermostatsso this is a good choice for pretty much anyone — whether you have an old-school thermostat or a smart WiFi thermostat.

All boxes are keyed the same so if you order multiples, one key will open all of them. Some customers complain that the cover is not vented enough, which can lead to incorrect thermostat readings, but this can be solved by installing the cover with a small gap between the plastic and the wall. The cover is clear and allows you to easily read the thermostat. Your guests will be able to see the thermostat, but they will not be able to change the settings.

It has a pretty universal size so it can be made to fit other thermostats. This locking thermostat is somewhat flimsy and easy to break open. There is only one key, which can be inconvenient if multiple people need to get into the thermostat. Overall, this is a great thermostat lock box. Though it is not the fanciest or more attractive box on our list, it is sturdy enough, and we especially loved that not all the boxes are keyed the same.

thermostat lock box home depot

A standard and recognizable design with plenty of venting make this one of our favorite options. This includes storefronts, office buildings, warehouses, and other public locations. This is also a plastic lock box, but it works universally with most medium-sized rectangular thermostats, so chances are it will fit on the one in your office. There are plenty of venting holes in the cover, allowing airflow through to the thermostat inside. This can result in truer readings and will allow your thermostat to properly heat or cool your home.

The single key is useful, but you will have to purchase additional keys directly from the manufacturer if you need them. This box is heavy and secure, making sure that no one can get to your thermostat unless you want them to. The Braeburn Universal Thermostat Box can be installed around any thermostat that fits the dimensions, and it is large enough that even rounded models will easily fit inside.

This box can be installed with a ring base, or you can use the included wall plate to make it that much more secure. The design is well-ventilated and works to prevent tampering — both with the box itself and with the thermostat inside.

The clear version is just one of the options that you have — this lock box is also available in both white and brushed nickel. Both of these latter options are opaque, so you will not be able to see the thermostat and neither will your guests. The combination code is three digits and can be reset as needed, so there is no need to purchase additional keys. This cover installs easily and is very sturdy.

The vents are nice, but they are also large, which may allow people to shimmy small objects into the vents and change the buttons on your thermostat.

That is definitely something to consider before you make this purchase. Being able to see your thermostat makes this perfect for residential settings, rentals, and other non-commercial properties. While the White-Rodgers G20 Thermostat Guard is meant to be used with thermostats from this brand, but it can be used by any thermostat that fits inside. Some people complain that it is easy to remove if you wiggle it in the right way, so keep that in mind. Otherwise, it comes with a singular key and additional keys must be purchased from the manufacturer.

All G20 lock boxes are keyed the same.Works with Alexa for voice control hub required, Alexa device and hub sold separately ;7 day programmable with up to 4 schedules per day. Only supports single stage Y1 cooling Remote Control: Monitor and adjust your home's temperature Clear plastic cover with built-in lock and a set of keys Fits the following Honeywell thermostats.

Replacement parts made by other manufacturers might not last as long as NuTone parts and typically aren't built to Overall Dimensions: Length: 4" Width: 2" Height: 2" more. Fagor Commercial N Thermostat Support. Overall Dimensions: Length: 1.

Thermostat cover

Nemco Thermostat Nut. Overall Dimensions: Length: 0. This thermostat is constructed from metal and is sturdy and durable.

The thermostat allows you to simply adjust the temperature Your home will be the ultimate comfort zone with the Emerson 4. Display, Heat Pump Thermostat.

The big, backlit display makes it easy Thermostat Guard Clear Plastic Cover. Plastic thermostat guards are used to prevent tampering with thermostats. Diversitech Corporation is North Americas largest manufacturer of equipment pads and a leading manufacturer and supplier of components and related products for Honeywell Economy Millivolt Thermostat.

The Honeywell Millivolt Heat Only Thermostat is non-programmable and has low voltage controls with a snap action switch for millivolt systems such as fireplaces and floor or wall furnace systems. This model is not compatible with electric The TXU is a fully programmable energy saving thermostat that is universally compatible. Keyless Combination Lock Thermostat Guard This thermostat cover protects your thermostat and prohibits unwanted tampering while still looking very stylish on your wall.

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