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Story from Tech. Madeline Buxton. Some people say the only way to stop online harassment is to stop going online. Well, we aren't going anywhere. Reclaim Your Domain is Refinery29's campaign to make the internet and the world outside of it a safer space for everyone — especially women. When hackers released private photos of Emma Watson and Amanda Seyfried this week, referring to it as "The Fappening 2," they called attention to 4chan, the site where the original Fappening, a massive leak of celebrity photosoccurred in But what exactly is 4chan and who are its users?

At first glance, 4chan seems relatively uncomplicated. It is, as it describes itself on the top of a minimal homepage, "a simple image-based bulletin board where anyone can post comments and share images. The site was founded in by Christopher Poole. Like many other successful tech entrepreneurs before him, Poole was young — just 15 — when he started 4chan. He based it off of a Japanese anime site known as 2chan, or Futaba Channel, which is why 4chan has an entire board dedicated to Japanese culture, with topics including cosplay and manga.

The site has become a place where memes are born, but also where pornography is rampant.

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Unlike other sites with open message boards, 4chan users are completely anonymous. You cannot even register for a username. If you do want to "identify" yourself — that is, make sure others know it is the same person posting something on one part of the site as another — you can create a "tripcode" or "secure tripod" which is randomly generated by the site's server.

Only that server has the IP address that can trace a post back to a particular user. Users, who can only start a new thread by posting an image further emphasizing the site's focus on photos and drawingsare completely masked to the outside world, making it harder to apprehend them even after posts are taken down by 4chan's administrator.

When you enter one of 4chan's boards, you are required to agree to a disclaimer that essentially clears 4chan of any responsibility for what gets posted: "You agree not to hold 4chan responsible for any damages from your use of the website, and you understand that the content posted is not owned or generated by 4chan, but rather by 4chan's users. Even though leaking photos of celebs and other public individuals is not legal, that statement of terms may help 4chan stay safe in the eyes of the law.

It's here that "shock posts," what The Washington Post described as "graphic scenes of violence or sex" are profuse. This "random" board is where hackers first shared nude photos of celebrities — including Jennifer Lawrence, Rihanna, and Gabrielle Union — before spreading to Reddit in A Rolling Stone profile on Poole — who maintained sole authority of the site untilwithout any employees, before handing over the reigns to a new administrator — explains how out of control the boards became.

Many of the biggest internet controversies of the last decade have been linked to 4chan, from the celebrity photo hack to Gamergate. Update: This story was originally published on July 16 at p.

It has since been published with statements from TikTok. It would be unwise to take. This story was originally published on July 14, But recently, a series of posts followi. When news hit that the Trump administration was contemplating a TikTok ban, all kinds of alternative apps saw an opportunity.

After TikTok was banned in In. This story was originally published on July On Friday morning, thousands of iPhone users woke up to find that a lot of their go-to apps were crashing.An imageboard is a type of Internet forum that revolves around the posting of images, often alongside related text and discussion.

The first imageboards were created in Japan as an extension of the textboard concept. These sites later inspired the creation of a number of English-language imageboards, such as 4chan. Imageboards, similar to bulletin board systemsare used for discussions of a variety of topics. The primary focus of imageboards, however, is directed away from text posts, and is instead placed on picture posts. The two share many of the same structures, including separate forums for separate topics, as well as similar audiences.

Imageboards are much more transitory with content—on some boards especially highly trafficked onesthe thread deletion time can be as little as 10 minutes. In Japanwhere imageboards are more common [ citation needed ]topics will vary widely, ranging from trains to current news. The most popular English language imageboard, 4chansimilarly has a large variety of topics.

Imageboards are also different from online galleries in that most of the works posted are not made by the poster, but instead are taken from other online sources: galleries, other imageboards, and edited pictures. Most imageboards and 2channel -style discussion boards allow and encourage anonymous posting and use a system of tripcodes instead of registration.

A tripcode is the hashed result of a password that allows one's identity to be recognized without storing any data about users. Entering a particular password will let one "sign" one's posts with the tripcode generated from that password, while trying to take another user's tripcode and compute their password from it for instance, to make posts that appear to come from a particular person is computationally difficult.

There are currently several Futaba-based imageboard software packages in widespread use: FutallabyWakabaKusaba X. Although the Futallaby source is still freely available at 1chan, [3] it is no longer in development, and the download page recommends using Wakaba instead, stating that "Wakaba can do everything Futallaby does and so much more.

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It is mostly notable for being the first open source English imageboard script. Wakaba is a Perl imageboard script with a SQL backend to store thread information. Wakaba is one of the most popular western imageboard software scripts, [ citation needed ] used most notably by chan [5] and iichan Wakachan. A few users have attempted to remedy this by forking the original project and adding in features they consider beneficial. Taimaba is chan's continuation of Wakaba, overhauling it with many modern features and a public API.

This fork remains in use today. Kusaba X is a continuation of Kusaba. Kusaba and its derivatives were at one time some of the most popular imageboard solutions.

Lynxchan is an imageboard based on JavaScript and Node. It requires a MongoDB database to run. It is written on PHP [17]. It is best suited for low-traffic use-cases, and it comes pre-configured, which makes installing this script super easy. Works perfectly with older web-browsers.

It is written on PHP [18]. Usually referred to as a " booru " plural "boorus". Unlike Futaba-inspired imageboard software packages, Danbooru and derivatives aim for a non-hierarchical semantic structure in which users are able to post content and add tagsannotations, translations, artist commentary, and comments. There exist a number of different Danbooru-style imageboards, both those with shared source code and those that are not released for others to use.Chantopia — the chan utopia.

On Chantopia you can create your own imageboard. For free. Board List. Mint Board is an active single board image board. Final Chan is an image board that was launched in Founded by members of the now defunct Openchan, their small footprint has always had a focus on stimulating conversation and shared interests built on a foundation of shitposting.

Tinychan is a web-based BBS bulletin board system designed for mobile phones. Discussion of any legal topic is allowed and encouraged. The current list of boards is below:. If you know of any somewhat active or better image boards out there that should be added, leave a comment. No login needed to comment. UChan was added to the image board menu. This image board has a lot of furry based categories. See the whole list below. Updates will continue now that it is back.

Skip to content. Continue Reading Chantopia. Continue Reading Ghost Chan. Continue Reading Mint Board. Continue Reading Final Chan. Continue Reading Fighting Amphibians. Continue Reading Tinychan. Continue Reading 22Chan. Continue Reading UChan. Continue Reading AllChans.The concept behind this image-based platform is to allow people to share their creativity and opinions effortlessly.

Another remarkable thing that makes 4chan unique is how well-organized the website is. Every section has a board which is dedicated to diverse topics. And there, you will find categories ranging from photography, musicsports, business, fitness and many others. Just locate the board you like start sharing your content right away. You will get tired of the place one day. So to ensure there is always something that makes you want to come online and interact with folks from different parts of the world, we put together a comprehensive list of 15 incredible sites that are so easy to use, well-organized and engaging like 4chan.

Check them out below.


The popularity and number of users on Reddit. And honestly, the concept of this platform is out of this world. But unlike 4Chan, you have to register to become a member. And there is no much difference between both sites.

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They both help users to obtain information and help others with answers too. In other words, on 4Chan you can create a thread in the right category to pour your heart out, and people will help provide the needed solutions. On Reddit. The platform also allows registered members to share text posts, links, and images, which may receive up or down votes from other users on the site. It is also possible to find jobs in your location on this platform.

If you are hungry for the latest news from any part of the world, Digg. It is a platform where you could sign up for an account to receive regular news and updates from the website. Being a registered member also gives you right to comment on any of the sections. On Digg, you will find news on science, world politics, and sport around the world among other things. And anytime you visit the site; you will discover the latest news around the web.

chan image jb

But the difference between this website and other news platform is that Digg caters to the need of different categories of users.

You can even take snapshots and upload it on this website. You will also find tons of short clips and images on the site. The site was established in and ever since then; it has only enjoyed significant growth. Users are the ones that submit links of news.

chan image jb

Again, signing up on this news website is more straightforward compared to many similar platforms. You can register an account in a few seconds and have full access. Also, Slashdot is easy to navigate looking at the interface and layout of each section. And it is no doubt an incredible 4Chan alternative anyone will enjoy. Political issues are important to everyone.

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And every year, we encounter different political matters that require proper analysis and evaluation to offer the populace better enlightenment about the concerns on the ground.Chan Party Van is an application for browsing and posting on the chan image boards. Read about and participate in conversations about everything from new technology to Japanese anime and manga.

Features: - Read posts on the A basic image viewer for browsing directories of images culled from image boardsand easy resubmission. Image Eye is a fast - and free - image viewer with a nice clean user interface. Feature high-lights: - The only image viewer you need for viewing and browsing images.

Bersoft Image Measurement BIM is designed as a flexible tool for acquiring, measuring and analyzing digital images. The measurements may be done by pointing and clicking or in an automated way, when doing statistical or analytical measurements. Create thumbnail photos, convert images, create webpages, adjust image sizes, rename files in bulk, and view your photos an entire folder at a time.

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You can also automatically create webpages of thumbnail pictures, which open full-sized pictures when Any Image is a tool for doing high quality image file format conversions. Acronis True Imagethe most reliable, easy-to-use and secure personal backup software and the only backup that actively defends your files against ransomware. More than 5. You can back Batch Image Commander is a batch image processor made for command line operation and as a System Tray Icon application for timer based operation.

Batch Image Commander allows you to create thumbnails, add text captions, rotate images, resize images, add Does the work fast and easy.

This professional grade application is used to easily create and paste barcodes into other Windows applications or generate high quality graphic image files. Command line options are now supported in this new version.

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Commonly used with Publisher, Quark Full Image Info is an easy to use program targeted to view and retrieve information about images and photos taken with digital cameras. Magic Image Resizer is used to resize pictures in all most popular graphic formats.

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It resizes them in batch mode, which means that the user can select hundreds of images, select desired size and just click the Resize button. The images will keep the Image Sizer is a WYSIWYG photo resizer and image resizer utility that allows you to automatically resize images in order to send them to friends and family or to post them to the web. You can resize any image with the touch of a couple of buttons.

Image Studio Pro is an image viewer and manager, designed to help you organize and share your digital photos. It allows you to create collect, send images by email and create a simple HTML gallery.Jailbait images are sexualized images of minors who are perceived to meet the definition of jailbait.

Jailbait images can be differentiated from child pornography as jailbait images do not usually contain nudity. The online distribution of jailbait images has caused legal and moral controversy, in some cases leading to the censorship of both the images and the word itself as a search term.

The legal status of jailbait images is controversial. When questioned regarding their legality, legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin stated he thought it was not illegal, though legal expert Sunny Hostin was more skeptical, describing jailbait images as "borderline" child pornography which may be illegal. Numerous webpages and forums are devoted to jailbait images.

chan image jb

As well as uploading and sharing images, popular discussion topics at jailbait communities include ephebophiliathe difference between ephebophilia and pedophiliaand debating whether images of certain girls are too young or old to be classified as jailbait. They also describe online jailbait communities as "a very insidious force on the Internet that is pitting overly clever pedophiles against insecure teenagers. It was the first result when searching for "jailbait" on Google[2] and was at one point the second largest search term that brought visitors to Reddit, topped only by the word "Reddit" itself.

The jailbait subreddit received widespread attention after Anderson Cooper devoted a segment of his TV program on September 29,to condemning both the subreddit itself and Reddit for hosting it. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The Daily Dot. Archived from the original on June 21, Retrieved June 28, PC Magazine. Retrieved June 12, Archived from the original on 12 October The Huffington Post. Retrieved June 19, August 26, Retrieved July 19, Categories : Sexuality and age. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Community portal Recent changes Upload file.

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